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Two crops found to be in most corners of the world are tomatoes and peppers; in many forms and transformations used in several types of cuisines. Focusing on Sub Saharan Africa, a popular dish is STEW! The distinguishing factor is the level of spice which is dependent on the combination of pepper and tomato used. We’ll leave the #jollofwars to West Africa!

Is Tomato a type of Pepper, or Pepper a type of Tomato?

Essentially, tomatoes and peppers are not so far off, they are somewhat cousins as they both belong to the nightshade family; scientifically known as Solanaceae. The…

Make hay while the sun shines” is a saying farmer ought to live by. To date, the majority of farmers in the nation still practice rain-fed Agriculture. So the rains don’t go to waste, some level of work and preparation is expected from farmers who would maximize effectively this blessing of nature as we anticipate another rainy season.

Are you an intending farmer, or you’ve had some experience practicing? Whichever, category you fit into, read on, as you’ll find some helpful cues to better equip you, for this season upon us:

Know the soil you’re working with


We’re helping farmers farm better with data. Want to know how? Read up or send us a DM 😁!

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